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PHP News Partnership Announced Between the PHP Classes Site and for Our PHP Newsletter

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Updated on: 2021-01-27

Posted on: 2021-01-27

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The PHP Classes just established a partnership with the site to lead the some of the latest more relevant news in the PHP community throughout the world.

Read this short announcement article, so you can understand what this means and what you gain from this collaboration initiative.

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In this article you can read more about:

The Announcement

How Can You Check the Latest PHP News in the PHP Classes Newsletter

Why This Collaboration is Happening

More Great Announcements to Come

PHP Classes and Partnership (Ring picture is from Peter J. Yost

The Announcement

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between PHP Classes Site and to share the latest news to the PHP community. 

If you are following PHP Classes site newsletter, now you will have the latest news section shared from the PHP Magazine Network to stay up to date with the latest news about the PHP community and web application development technologies.

How Can You Check the Latest PHP News in the PHP Classes Newsletter

The PHP Classes site regularly pulls the latest news articles from the site and displays it either the a section of the site for newsletter content, or sends it by email once a week or once a day if you prefer.

You can read the latest newsletter news headlines on the Web site looking at the PHP News Newsletter page on the PHP Classes site. If you forget how to access to the newsletter page, just go to the bottom of any page in the site, and click on the Newsletter link.

Alternatively, you can receive the newsletter in your email address once a week or even once a day if it is convenient for you.

If you are not receiving this specific type of newsletter, just do this:

1. go in the Options ṕage of the site

2. Click on the E-mail alerts and newsletters tab

3. Then check the Site content newsletters option checkbox

4. Click on the Submit the changes button

Why This Collaboration is Happening

Here at the PHP Classes site we like collaborations since ever. We know that we do not know everything and we have limited time to do everything that we want do. Therefore we prefer to collaborate with other members of the PHP Community to bring the best we know in several areas.

Over the years we have collaborated with many other developers and companies that work for this community.

For the last years we have collaborated with Chris Cornutt from the site to bring the latest PHP news of the PHP community to the PHP Classes site users.

Lately we realized that Chris seems to not be dedicating much time as in the past to update the site. He seems busier these days more with work in security and arts, which is probably something that he loves besides PHP programming.

Therefore we decided to start collaborating with Ben Yacoub Hatem who has been a great collaborator of the PHP Classes since many years ago.

We still hope to collaborate more with Chris in the future but that is up to him to decide.

More Great Announcements to Come

This year, the PHP Classes site will launch many more initiatives of interest. What we have in mind for the near future is the return the Lately in PHP Podcast, which we already recorded one episode. We just need to edit and publish it hopefully soon.

We hope to collaborate with several other PHP developers to come to the podcast, so we can record together and give different points of view about the latest developments and news from the PHP world.

For now continue to stay tuned to the PHP Classes site blog, so you can learn about other initiatives that we have in mind and have planned for many months.

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