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Faster PHP Debugging using Session Replay - Lately in PHP podcast episode 77

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One of the greatest time consuming problems of current PHP debuggers is to step over some code that leads to some unexpected results, but if you want to get back and understand why it went wrong, you need to restart the debug session from scratch.

Now there is a better debugger extension named DontBug that allows to go back and replay code execution steps. This was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins on the episode 77 of the Lately in PHP podcast now also being streamed using

In this episode they also commented proposals to make PDO support driver specific parameters and debug emulated prepared statements, adding generic object type hinting, implementing big number math with OpenSSL, among other proposals of great interest for the next PHP releases.

This article also contains the transcript of the podcast summary.

Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn more about these interesting PHP topics.

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Introduction (0:17)

Transcript Summary (1:21)

PHP 5.6.27, 7.0.11, 7.1.0RC5 released (7:03)

PHP HTTP requests not supporting HTTP 1.1 correctly (9:46)

Dontbug: The PHP debugger that can run code backwards (16:19)

RFC: Warning when counting non-countable objects (22:53)

RFC: Driver Specific PDO parameters (24:36)

RFC: Debugging PDO Prepared Statement Emulation (25:47)

RFC: Add BigNum support to OpenSSL extension (27:53)

RFC: Convert numeric keys in object/array casts (31:37)

RFC: Object typehint (34:22)

JavaScript Innovation Award Winners of August 2016 (37:07)

JavaScript Innovation Award Rankings of 2016 (48:20)

PHP Innovation Award Winners of August 2016 (1:00:01)

PHP Innovation Award Rankings of 2016 (57:04)

Conclusion (1:00:26)


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Transcript of the summary

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Show notes

Transcript Summary

We are going to cover the usual PHP latest releases, mostly of the other month because this month probably PHP 7.1 wil l be released in a given that the latest RC of PHP 7.1.0 was already announced and they say was the last 7.1.0 RC 5 but there was the RC 6 already.

Then we move on to a topic that seems to be a bug that is happening for many years but it seems it didn't affect much PHP applications which is related to the way PHP HTTP stream wrapper sends requests to web servers, it should be compliant with at least HTTP 1.1 but it was not sending the right headers or has not the right behavior.

Then we have an interesting topic and probably we should even show a video or a away to show debugging sessions in PHP.

It seems this is based on XDebug, I am not sure if this is a fork of XDebug or something but it is able to playback sessions, I mean you can go backwards to see how it was a session before you single step certain commands, so you can actually see before and after.

I did not try this but this seems to be useful, so you can see what went wrong before and after you were stepping your code.

The next topic is about just an RFC to propose to prevent that you extract the count of objects that are not countable. This is probably to avoid some bugs that may happen when you are trying to count the wrong type of value.

The next topic is more about PDO. This one is about the driver specific parameters. You can send parameters to PDO but some drivers may have specific parameters that you may want to configure. So the proposal is to allow you to configure those parameters.

Then there is the possibility to debug prepared statements, I mean when PDO is emulating prepared statements you can actually see what is the query that was executed after replacing the values of the prepared statements.

Then there is a proposal to the BigNum support using OpenSSL extension. The idea is to provide a class that uses the OpenSSL library to perform operations with arbitrary precision numbers.

The next topic is about the way numeric keys are converted as indexes to access objects and arrays. And the last topic is a to propose to have object type hinting. So instead of having type hinting for a specific class, you just can have object, so you can actually accept an impact of object in a function.

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