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File: ext/kernel/string.h

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File: ext/kernel/string.h
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: iWire PHP Raspberry PI GPIO Class
Control a Raspberry PI board using GPIO
Author: By
Last change:
Date: 5 years ago
Size: 6,033 bytes


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/* +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Zephir Language | +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Zephir Team ( | +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | This source file is subject to the New BSD License that is bundled | | with this package in the file docs/LICENSE.txt. | | | | If you did not receive a copy of the license and are unable to | | obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send an email | | to so we can send you a copy immediately. | +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Authors: Andres Gutierrez <> | | Eduar Carvajal <> | | Vladimir Kolesnikov <> | +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ */ #ifndef ZEPHIR_KERNEL_STRING_H #define ZEPHIR_KERNEL_STRING_H #include <php.h> #include <Zend/zend.h> #include "kernel/main.h" #define ZEPHIR_TRIM_LEFT 1 #define ZEPHIR_TRIM_RIGHT 2 #define ZEPHIR_TRIM_BOTH 3 #define ZEPHIR_SUBSTR_NO_LENGTH 1 /** Fast char position */ int zephir_memnstr(const zval *haystack, const zval *needle ZEPHIR_DEBUG_PARAMS); int zephir_memnstr_str(const zval *haystack, char *needle, unsigned int needle_length ZEPHIR_DEBUG_PARAMS); /** Function replacement */ void zephir_fast_strlen(zval *return_value, zval *str); int zephir_fast_strlen_ev(zval *str); void zephir_fast_strtolower(zval *return_value, zval *str); void zephir_strtolower_inplace(zval *s); void zephir_fast_join(zval *result, zval *glue, zval *pieces TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_fast_join_str(zval *result, char *glue, unsigned int glue_length, zval *pieces TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_fast_explode(zval *result, zval *delimiter, zval *str, long limit TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_fast_explode_str(zval *result, const char *delimiter, int delimiter_length, zval *str, long limit TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_fast_strpos(zval *return_value, const zval *haystack, const zval *needle, unsigned int offset); void zephir_fast_strpos_str(zval *return_value, const zval *haystack, char *needle, unsigned int needle_length); void zephir_fast_stripos_str(zval *return_value, zval *haystack, char *needle, unsigned int needle_length); void zephir_fast_str_replace(zval **return_value, zval *search, zval *replace, zval *subject TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_fast_trim(zval *return_value, zval *str, zval *charlist, int where TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_fast_strip_tags(zval *return_value, zval *str); void zephir_fast_strtoupper(zval *return_value, zval *str); /** Camelize/Uncamelize */ void zephir_camelize(zval *return_value, const zval *str); void zephir_uncamelize(zval *return_value, const zval *str); /** Starts/Ends with */ int zephir_start_with(const zval *str, const zval *compared, zval *case_sensitive); int zephir_start_with_str(const zval *str, char *compared, unsigned int compared_length); int zephir_start_with_str_str(char *str, unsigned int str_length, char *compared, unsigned int compared_length); int zephir_end_with(const zval *str, const zval *compared, zval *case_sensitive); int zephir_end_with_str(const zval *str, char *compared, unsigned int compared_length); /** Random string */ void zephir_random_string(zval *return_value, const zval *type, const zval *length TSRMLS_DC); /* Strips extra slashes */ void zephir_remove_extra_slashes(zval *return_value, const zval *str); /** Generates a unique key for an array/object */ void zephir_unique_key(zval *return_value, zval *prefix, zval *value TSRMLS_DC); /** spprintf */ int zephir_spprintf(char **message, int max_len, char *format, ...); /* Substr */ void zephir_substr(zval *return_value, zval *str, long from, long length, int flags); /** EOL */ zval *zephir_eol(int eol TSRMLS_DC); /** Preg-Match */ void zephir_preg_match(zval *return_value, zval *regex, zval *subject, zval *matches, int global, long flags, long offset TSRMLS_DC); /** Base64 */ void zephir_base64_encode(zval *return_value, zval *data); void zephir_base64_decode(zval *return_value, zval *data); /** Hash */ void zephir_md5(zval *return_value, zval *str); void zephir_crc32(zval *return_value, zval *str TSRMLS_DC); /** JSON */ int zephir_json_encode(zval *return_value, zval **return_value_ptr, zval *v, int opts TSRMLS_DC); int zephir_json_decode(zval *return_value, zval **return_value_ptr, zval *v, zend_bool assoc TSRMLS_DC); /***/ void zephir_lcfirst(zval *return_value, zval *s); void zephir_ucfirst(zval *return_value, zval *s); int zephir_http_build_query(zval *return_value, zval *params, char *sep TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_htmlspecialchars(zval *return_value, zval *string, zval *quoting, zval *charset TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_htmlentities(zval *return_value, zval *string, zval *quoting, zval *charset TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_strval(zval *return_value, zval *v); void zephir_date(zval *return_value, zval *format, zval *timestamp TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_addslashes(zval *return_value, zval *str TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_stripslashes(zval *return_value, zval *str TSRMLS_DC); void zephir_stripcslashes(zval *return_value, zval *str TSRMLS_DC); #if PHP_VERSION_ID < 50400 const char* zend_new_interned_string(const char *arKey, int nKeyLength, int free_src TSRMLS_DC); #define ZEPHIR_ZVAL_MAYBE_INTERNED_STRING(pz, string) ZVAL_STRING(pz, string, 1); #else #define ZEPHIR_ZVAL_MAYBE_INTERNED_STRING(pz, string) \ do { \ if (IS_INTERNED(string)) { \ ZVAL_STRINGL(pz, string, INTERNED_LEN(string)-1, 0); \ } \ else { \ ZVAL_STRING(pz, string, 1); \ } \ } while (0) #endif /* PHP_VERSION_ID < 50400 */ #endif /* ZEPHIR_KERNEL_STRING_H */