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File: public/plugin/summernote/lang/summernote-vi-VN.js

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File: public/plugin/summernote/lang/summernote-vi-VN.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: CodeIgniter Template Viewer Class
Render views using templates in a CodeIgniter App
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Date: 3 months ago
Size: 2,768 bytes


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(function ($) {
  $.extend($.summernote.lang, {
    'vi-VN': {
      font: {
        bold: 'In ??m',
        italic: 'In Nghing',
        underline: 'G?ch d??i',
        clear: 'B? ??nh d?ng',
        height: 'Chi?u cao dng',
        name: 'Phng ch?',
        strikethrough: 'G?ch ngang',
        size: 'C? ch?'
      image: {
        image: 'Hnh ?nh',
        insert: 'Chn',
        resizeFull: '100%',
        resizeHalf: '50%',
        resizeQuarter: '25%',
        floatLeft: 'Tri v? tri',
        floatRight: 'Tri v? ph?i',
        floatNone: 'Khng tri',
        dragImageHere: 'Th? ?nh ? vng ny',
        selectFromFiles: 'Ch?n t? File',
        url: 'URL',
        remove: 'Xa'
      video: {
        video: 'Video',
        videoLink: 'Link ??n Video',
        insert: 'Chn Video',
        url: 'URL',
        providers: '(YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, DailyMotion v Youku)'
      link: {
        link: 'Link',
        insert: 'Chn Link',
        unlink: 'G? Link',
        edit: 'S?a',
        textToDisplay: 'V?n b?n hi?n th?',
        url: 'URL',
        openInNewWindow: 'M? ? C?a s? m?i'
      table: {
        table: 'B?ng'
      hr: {
        insert: 'Chn'
      style: {
        style: 'Ki?u ch?',
        p: 'Ch? th??ng',
        blockquote: '?o?n trch',
        pre: 'M Code',
        h1: 'H1',
        h2: 'H2',
        h3: 'H3',
        h4: 'H4',
        h5: 'H5',
        h6: 'H6'
      lists: {
        unordered: 'Li?t k danh sch',
        ordered: 'Li?t k theo th? t?'
      options: {
        help: 'Tr? gip',
        fullscreen: 'Ton Mn hnh',
        codeview: 'Xem Code'
      paragraph: {
        paragraph: 'Canh l?',
        outdent: 'D?ch sang tri',
        indent: 'D?ch sang ph?i',
        left: 'Canh tri',
        center: 'Canh gi?a',
        right: 'Canh ph?i',
        justify: 'Canh ??u'
      color: {
        recent: 'Mu ch?',
        more: 'M? r?ng',
        background: 'Mu n?n',
        foreground: 'Mu ch?',
        transparent: 'trong su?t',
        setTransparent: 'N?n trong su?t',
        reset: 'Thi?t l?p l?i',
        resetToDefault: 'Tr? l?i ban ??u'
      shortcut: {
        shortcuts: 'Phm t?t',
        close: '?ng',
        textFormatting: '??nh d?ng V?n b?n',
        action: 'Hnh ??ng',
        paragraphFormatting: '??nh d?ng',
        documentStyle: 'Ki?u v?n b?n'
      history: {
        undo: 'Li l?i',
        redo: 'Lm l?i'
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