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File: myXML/ChangeLog
Role: Documentation
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Description: ChangeLog
Class: myXML
DOM/XPath/XSLT implemented in php.
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Date: 18 years ago
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2004-02-19 * myDOM/Parser.php: Fixed problem at the parsing of files which size exceeds 2 kB. Version of file updated to 0.31 * XML_Preprocessor.php: Fixed same problem as in Parser.php. Version of file updated to 2.26 2004-02-06 * Error handling is completely advanced. PEAR style of error handling is extended with a new class "Error" (see file Error.php for details). The code became easier for understanding and for debugging. Performance has a little increased. Version of changed files updated to 0.3 * myXSLT/myXSLT.php: Implemented process of xsl element <xsl:include>. Code cleanup. Version of file updated to 0.4 * myDOM/Node.php: Implemented public method Node::replaceChild(). Fixed bug in method Node::insertBefore(). Version of file updated to 0.3 2004-01-30 * Added public method toString() to all rendered classes in myDOM, instead of class Output. * myDOM/myDOM.php: Added public methods parse() and parseFile(). See use of this new features in a file sample.php. Version of file updated to 0.23 * myDOM/Element.php: Added public method parse(). Version of file updated to 0.22 2004-01-27 * myXSLT/myXSLT.php: Implemented conflict resolution for template rules. Version of file updated to 0.3 * myDOM/Node.php: Implemented public method Node::insertBefore(). Version of file updated to 0.24 * myDOM/NodeList.php: Added supports for method Node::insertBefore(). Version of file updated to 0.21 * myXPath/XPathParser.php: Fixed bug at processing XPath expressions "//" and "/descendant-or-self::node()/". Code cleanup. Version of file updated to 0.31 2004-01-08 * myDOM/myDOM.php: Fixed bug in method Document::removeChild(). Version of file updated to 0.22 2003-10-29 * ChangeLog: Fixed bug in dates (2003 instead of 2002). Has crept since last year :~) 2003-10-23 * myXSLT/myXSLT.php: Processing of element CDATA_SECTION_NODE in a method valueOfHandler() is added. Version updated to 0.24 2003-10-12 * myDOM/Element.php: Property Element::attributes initialized in constructor instead of initialization at creation of the first attribute. Version updated to 0.21 2003-10-10 * myXML.php: Fixed bug while processing CDATA nodes. Version updated to 2.24 2003-08-20 * myDOM/Node.php: Fixed bug in method Node::appendChild() when append newChild after removing previous childs. Version updated to 0.23 * myXML.php: Added support for CDATA sections. Version updated to 2.23 * myDOM/CDATASection.php: Implemented method CDATASection::cloneNode(); Version updated to 0.21 2003-08-10 * myXML.php: Implemented method myXML::_phpCodeHandler() which allows you use php code in attribute value. Version updated to 2.22 2003-08-05 * myXML.php: Implemented method myXML::_curlyBracesHandler() which allows you use expression with curly braces ({}) in attribute value. Version updated to 2.21 2003-07-15 * The myXPath package is altered. The files myXPath.php, XPathParser.php and XPredicateParser have received version 0.3. The files path.csv and predicate.csv are replaced on other. * Output.php: Changed class constructor and method Output::show(). Look a new way of use in the file sample.php. Version updated to 2.11 2003-07-02 * myXSLT/myXSLT.php: Fixed bug at processing an element <xsl:apply-templates> at use of the pattern with the large depth of nesting (for example <xsl:apply-templates select="node/child">). Version updated to 0.23 2003-06-29 * myXSLT/myXSLT.php: Implemented method myXSLT::copyHandler() for handling <xsl:copy> element. Implemented method myXSLT::_attrValueTemplateHandler() which allows you use expression with curly braces ({}). Version updated to 0.22 * myDOM/ProcessingInsctruction.php: Added method ProcessingInsctruction::cloneNode(). Version updated to 0.21 2003-06-28 * myXPath/XPathScan.php and scan.csv removed from package. * myXPath/myXPath.php: Added private method myXPath::_separate() instead of XPathScan class. Changed method myXPath::evaluate() according to this changes. Version updated to 0.21 * myDOM/Node.php: Changed pattern in private method Node::_checkName(). Version updated to 0.22 2003-06-27 * myXML.php: Changed method myXML::processingInstructionHandler(): - name of variable $pi_result changed to $_PI_RESULT; - if $_PI_RESULT is object Node it imported into document instead of appended. Added private method myXML::defaultHandler(). Version updated to 2.2 * myDOM/myDOM.php: Changed method Document::appendChild() according to DOM Core Specification. Version updated to 0.21 * Output.php: Changed methods Output::show() and Output::showElement() according to changes in myXML.php. Version updated to 2.1 2003-06-26 * myXSLT/myXSLT.php: Added method myXSLT::create() instead of myXSLT::myXSLT() constructor. Version updated to 0.21 2003-06-11 * myDOM/Node.php: Fixed bug in method Node::appendChild() in a case if newChild already exist in tree. Fixed bug in method Node::removeChild() which not completely removed child node. Version updated to 0.21 * myXML.php: Added method myXML::processingInstructionHandler() which allows you use php code inside XML document. Version updated to 2.1 2003-05-25 * myXPath/XPredicateParser.php: Fixed bug that return warning "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()". Version updated to 0.21 2003-05-23 * Original Version released.