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Class: CodeIgniter Develbar
CodeIgniter library to show a developer toolbar
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CodeIgniter Developer Toolbar

CodeIgniter Developer Toolbar is a third party library based on Profiler Library with additional functionality for debugging and optimization.

  • Support CI.2 and CI.3
  • Support HMVC.


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Copy the files to the application/third_party/DevelBar folder.

Copy the file core/MY_Loader.php to the application/core folder.

Copy the file controllers/develbarprofiler.php to the application/controllers folder.

Change permissions for cache folder chmod 777 application/cache


If you are using HMVC third party library, copy MX_Loader.php instead of MY_Loader.php to your core directory, and change the file name to MY_Loader.php instead of MX_Loader.php.


Open application/config/autoload.php :

$autoload['packages'] = array(APPPATH . 'third_party/DevelBar');

Open application/config/config.php :

$config['enable_hooks'] = TRUE;

Open application/config/hooks.php and add this line :

$hook['display_override'][] = array(
	'class'  	=> 'Develbar',
    'function' 	=> 'debug',
    'filename' 	=> 'Develbar.php',
    'filepath' 	=> 'third_party/DevelBar/hooks'

Enable or disable Develbar, open application/third_party/DevelBar/config/config.php :

$config['enable_develbar'] = TRUE;

Additional parameters

If you want to disable some sections within the developer toolbar,

Open application/third_party/DevelBar/config/config.php, and set the sections value to FALSE :

$config['develbar_sections'] = array(
	'Benchmarks' 		=> TRUE,
    'Memory Usage'	   	=> TRUE,
    'Request'   		=> TRUE,
    'Database'			=> TRUE,
    'Hooks'			=> FALSE, // Disable Hooks Section
    'Libraries'			=> TRUE,
    'Helpers' 			=> FALSE, // Disable Helpers Section,
    'Views' 			=> TRUE,
    'Config' 			=> TRUE,
    'Session' 			=> TRUE,
    'Models' 			=> TRUE,
    'Ajax'                      => TRUE,

To auto check for available new version of CodeIgniter and DeveloperToolbar, you should set check_update option to TRUE, within application/third_party/DevelBar/config/config.php :

$config['check_update'] = TRUE;