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Class: PHP Cookie Session Manager
Store and retrieve data in cookies or PHP sessions
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CookieSession is a very light library to manage easily and simply the Session and Cookie with PHP 7+ (and without spending time by configuring and securing them).

Composer Installation

You can add it easily in your projec by using Composer.

$ composer require ph-7/cookiesession

Then, include Composer's autoload

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

Manual Installation

If you don't use Composer, you can install it without Composer by including the following

require 'src/autoloader.php';

Usage for Session

use PH7\CookieSession\Session\Session;

$oSession = new Session;

$oSession->set('lang_pref', 'English');

// Create some sessions with an array
$aData = [
    'my_session' => 'The value',
    'another_session' => 'Another value',
    'my_name' => 'Pierre-Henry'
// Add these sessions

// Get session
echo $oSession->get('lang_pref'); // Will display 'English'
echo $oSession->get('another_session'); // Will display 'Another value'

echo ($oSession->exists('my_name')) ? $oSession->get('my_name') : 'Well, well, we dont have a name in the session'; // Will display 'Pierre-Henry'

$oSession->remove('my_name'); // Remove 'my_name' session

echo $oSession->get('my_name'); // Will display nothing (empty string) as 'my_name' session has been removed

Usage with Cookie (very similar)

use PH7\CookieSession\Cookie\Cookie;

$oCookie = new Cookie;

$oCookie->set('mycookie', 'Amazing Value!');

// Create some cookies in array
$aCookies = [
    'name' => 'Pierre-Henry',
    'city' => 'Manchester',
    'job' => 'Software Engineer'

if ($oCookie->exists($aCookies)) {
    echo 'All the following cookies exist: ' . implode(', ', $aCookies);

echo $oCookie->get('name'); // Will display 'Pierre-Henry'
echo $oCookie->get('mycookie'); // Will display 'Amazing Value!'

$oCookie->remove($aCookies); // Remove all cookies

echo $oCookie->get('name');  // Will display nothing (empty string)


  • PHP 7 or higher

The Author

I'm Pierre-Henry Soria, Software Developer passionate about a lot of things and currently living in Manchester city, UK


You can send an email at pierrehenrysoria [AT] gmail {D0T} COM or at phy {AT} hizup [D0T] UK


Under General Public License 3 or later.