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File: help.txt
Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: Help
Class: Extended PHP Mailer
Compose and send e-mail messages from templates
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROPERTIES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- string addr - Recipient e-mail address. string subject - Mail subject. bool is_html - Is message html or plain text? string msg - Message text or html body. array attachments - Array of attached file paths. string to - Recipient name. string from_addr - Sender e-mail address. string from_name - Sender name. string cc - Carbon copies. string bcc - Blind carbon copies. string mailer - Name of mailing program. string reply_to - Reply e-mail address. string date - Message date, use FormatMsgDate() to set this value. int priority - Message priority: PRIORITY_LOW, PRIORITY_NORMAL or PRIORITY_HIGH. string extra_headers - Any custom headers. string cp_base - Base charset of message or template. string tpl_containers - Associative array of template containers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- METHODS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- void XPhpMailer ( ) - Class constructor. void ClearFields ( ) - Sets class properties to default values. void FormatMsgDate ( $tm ) - Sets the value to date property in correct format. The parameter is UNIX timestamp. int GetAttachedSize ( ) - Returns total size of attached files in bytes. void ProcessTemplate ( $tpl_file ) - Processes email template. bool SendMail ( $encoding = '' ) - Sends the message. The parameter is target encoding of sending message. Predefined charset constants are: KOI8_R, WINDOWS_1251, ISO8859_5, X_CP866, X_MAC_CYRILLIC and TRANSLIT. Cyrillic characters will convert to english equivalents if TRANSLIT charset is used. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CODE SAMPLES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Following sample demonstrates how to send koi8 encoded russian message with two attachments: $xmailer = new XPhpMailer ( ); $xmailer->addr = ''; $xmailer->to = 'Иванов Сергей'; $xmailer->subject = 'Здравствуйте!'; $xmailer->from_addr = ''; $xmailer->from_name = 'Петров А.'; $xmailer->attachments = array ( 'docs/', 'images/misc/me.jpg' ); $xmailer->msg = '<b>Текст сообщения...</b>'; $xmailer->is_html = TRUE; $xmailer->cp_base = WINDOWS_1251; //$xmailer->SendMail ( TRANSLIT ); $xmailer->SendMail ( KOI8_R ); Next sample shows how to process e-mail templates: $xmailer = new XPhpMailer ( ); $xmailer->addr = ''; $xmailer->to = 'John'; $xmailer->subject = 'Hello, John!'; $xmailer->from_addr = ''; $xmailer->tpl_containers = array ( '{%NAME%}'=>'John', '{%SIGNATURE%}'=>'Admin' ); $xmailer->ProcessTemplate ( 'msg.txt' ); $xmailer->SendMail ( ); ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- File "msg.txt" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear {%NAME%}, Here is your new Member Account Username and Temporary Password: Username: myuser Password: a5928b0d6jb5 Best wishes, {%SIGNATURE%} ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please, contact the author to get any kind of additional information or to report bugs: