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Logoff issue in Live Chat application

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Subject:Logoff issue in Live Chat application
Summary:Log-off issue in Live chat application
Author:Sai Bhagath
Date:2011-03-03 07:30:51
Update:2011-03-08 02:47:34

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Picture of Sai Bhagath Sai Bhagath - 2011-03-03 07:44:06
Hello, We are facing Log-off issue in our Live chat application which was build with OSI CODES, the issue is after logging in to the chat it is automatically logging off the user,


In the above code $1 is showed as undefined variable, and sometimes $1 returning " ".

include_once("./web/". $session_chat[$sid]['asp_login'] ."/". $session_chat[$sid]['asp_login'] ."-conf-init.php") ;

In above code in place of $session_chat[$sid]['asp_login'] &l will be returned.

Anybody please help us on the same. Thank!!

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