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attachment problem

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Subject:attachment problem
Summary:Attached file does not shown correctly in the mail
Date:2010-12-01 12:31:31

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Picture of biswajithkr biswajithkr - 2010-12-01 12:31:32

Thank you for your php code for sending mails with attachment and embedding image in that mail.

But when I use that code , I cant get the attached file in the mail.When I attached a 'test.docx' file ,in my mail that I got,the attached file is shown as 'phpw2YQvK'.I can download that file but the type of the file is not supporting.When I attached other type of file,I get the same result.

My code for attaching the file is like this $sec->attachment($_FILES['CV']['tmp_name']); I am attaching CVs to my mails.

Is there any mistake in my code ? Please help me...

Kind regards
Biswajith kr