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Issue with XIRR class

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Subject:Issue with XIRR class
Summary:Issue with XIRR class
Author:vikram hegde
Date:2015-08-21 06:11:52

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Picture of vikram hegde vikram hegde - 2015-08-21 06:11:53

I have used your php class for XIRR calxulation, its just awesome!!!
But I am getting a problem in some cases.

it gives -1571465320791500131898188521929991589462016.00 % this as answer many times(you can take this example, date1= 04/14/2015, date2=08/19/2015(mm/dd/yyyy format), value1=-110,value2=5) Is there any solution for this?

below is what Excel shows for the particular values
-110 14-Apr-15
5 19-Aug-15

Above is just an example, there are many other scenarios, where it returns that wrong answer.
Kindly help me out
Thank You very much for a fantastic solution of classes !!